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Jay R's Crosstown Express Inc.

When YOU call...WE will haul!

When you ask yourself what you're going to get when you call Jay R's Crosstown Express Inc. for a delivery the answer is total customer satisfaction. We are committed to customer service as well as good relations with you and your customers. This is a priority to us and we will do whatever it takes to keep these relations in good standing.
Jay R's Crosstown Express Inc. is a reliable courier co that formed in 2006 and has been growing ever since. We know the ins and outs of the business and can assist you in making your delivery a success every time. We are committed to excellence and want you to know that we will get your deliveries done the right way the 1st time. 
When you contact us we want to make sure we dispatch the right vehicle for you. Jay R's Crosstown Express has cars,1/2 Tons, dry cargo vans as well as Flat decks and enclosed trailers some having up to 46ft capacity. We also have enclosed 5 Tons with 24ft of space.